Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Fashion of Hoth and Kashyyyk

My faith in the fashion world is now completely lost. I could laugh off Chanel's wookie wear but THIS..? Really?!
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So this was something I tweeted today, and I realize it may have been a little confusing.  The 'wookie' comment, I mean--not to say that a semen-inspired necklace outside of a porn shop isn't confusing enough on its own.  However, if you're a semi-closeted fashion-lover like myself, you probably at least saw pictures of Chanel's Fall-Winter Collection.  Trust me, I was not exaggerating when I chose this posts' title.

Seriously? Am I supposed to look at this as 'fashionable'? I've always believed the main goal of clothing--especially 'good/expensive/well-made/designer' clothing--was to make you look good.  Things become fashionable if you manage to make it look good--and in turn it makes YOU look good.  No one, not even these pretty boys can manage to make this look good:

This does not bode well, Chanel.  I could forgive you for Chanel 5--I'm not a big perfume fan anyway so it would make sense that my nose would violently reject the fragrance highly popular with Bellevue trophy wives, but this?
Don't get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but that doesn't mean I want to be confused with a wookie or a wampa.

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