Friday, November 23, 2012

When in Roam... Have a burger

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...

I had the best burger of my life tonight. Now, I realize I am not an expert on burgers by any means, but my taste buds were absolutely seduced by this burger. I would travel back to California just to eat this burger again. But now I'm just giving you romance and if you wanted unfounded romantic exclamations, you'd be reading Twilight, not a review about burgers, now wouldn't you?

Allow me to set the scene: You're wandering down the streets, somewhere between The Marina District and Cow Hollow, and after a long day of shopping (or just getting drunk on the Victorian architecture) you find this warmly lit cafe-style burger joint that smells absolutely tantalizing. Welcome, to Roam Artisan Burgers.

No hormones, humanely raised animals and house made organic veggie burgers if meat isn't your cup of tea--but I love meat, so I can't comment on the veggie burger.

I had my choice of beef, turkey, elk and bison and an array of choices of how to dress my burger but while tempting, I felt any burger joint should at least be able to make a decent basic burger. So I ordered The Classic (butter lettuce, onions, tomato, house-made pickels and house sauce) with white cheddar cheese and a beef patty.

The sesame seed bun was fresh--and I mean baked around the corner by a local artisan bakery fresh. It was soft and fluffy but managed to remain resilient against sogginess despite the abundance of sauce and juices.

The veggies themselves were fantastically crisp. They provided a great contrast to the rest of the burger which seemed to melt into your mouth.

The cheese seemed practically integrated into the beef, a perfect marriage to a meat that was neither over nor under cooked. Now I am happy when a steak restaurant knows the true meaning of a 'medium' cooked meat, but a burger joint? Hot everywhere but just enough pink on the inside that the meat remained delightfully tender.

This burger was perhaps the size of my entire stomach (I'm a wee creature) but I ate every last bit. I. Regret. Nothing.

I paired this dream of a burger with sweet potato fries, which tasted like strips of baked sweet potato more than any fry I've ever had. Buttery, perfectly salted which brought out that great hint of starchy sweetness that I adore sweet potatoes and yams for.

The cherry on top of this meal was definitely the seasonal shake: Pumpkin spice. Made in house, sweet but not sickly so (no artificial sugars/corn syrups on this menu, guys!). You could even see the cinnamon that was sprinkled on top after the shake was made.

If you are EVER in the San Francisco area and you like burgers, I urge you to get your butt over to Cow Hollow/The Marina District and nom some of this awesome.

I'm going to have dreams about that burger...

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