Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love in the Time of Zombies

The Canadian: I do not remember getting home. Bah.

Kiri: Oooh, not good.

The Canadian: Alive... Just zombie-like.

Kiri: Noooo, human. I have no brains to feed you with if you're a zombie.

The Canadian: You do not carry spare brains? Boo... not much of a zombie plan, is that?

Kiri: I plan on shooting myself at the zombie apocalypse.

The Canadian: Lame.

Kiri: I'm not gonna be a zombie, dammit. And I would seriously slow down whoever I was with. Be a mercy kill.

The Canadian: You are small enough, I would yoda-carry you. Need to keep you for creativity at the least. The camp will need someone to keep morale high and entertainment value up, and write the story of survival.

Kiri: ...awww, that's hypothetically sweet.

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