Monday, January 14, 2013

A Fly In the Eyelash

So as you may know, I had the awesome opportunity of reviewing Wink Lash Extensions this month for Crave Local.

If you didn't know, here's the article I wrote on it.

They are lovely and beautiful and fine and I would highly recommend them if you're looking for extensions because quite frankly, they made me look rather chic.

But we know I'm really a far less than graceful person.

So I'm walking around Freemont with Jessica Tupper (the badass food ninja of Seattle) and it was chilly that day but not quite so chilly that living things were hiding apparently.

You know how once in a blue moon a bug will try to fly directly INTO YOUR FREAKING EYE?

Well one such bug attempted this, but I saw it coming so I tried to close my eyes very quickly hoping it would bounce off and fly away.

The funny thing... about eyelashes. They're meant to catch dust and hair etc--anything that would fall in your eye basically.

Apparently if your lashes are long enough, this includes tiny flies.

I then completely ruined my poised facade and proceeded to flail as I could see it writhing about in my peripheral, caught between the lashes.

And you're not supposed to rub your eyes a lot with lash extensions so I had to carefully brush it out--which wasn't that hard, I just couldn't see anything but a wriggling blur so...

Ew ew ew ew ew.

My name is Kiri Callaghan... and I am not a graceful person.


  1. The thought of you losing your composure in such a manner had me laughing out loud. Excellent Monday post!