Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Creative Types"

I was sitting outside a dressing room at Old Navy, waiting for a friend when a clerk, an Asian woman in her mid-50's decided to strike up a conversation with me.

Clerk: I like your hair. (This is a common opener, I hear it about once a day.)

Me: Thanks. (I know this is an opener and I'm not in a talking mood)

Clerk: You must be a creative type.

Me: Uh.

Clerk: You'd have to be with that hair. (I would like to note, I know some creatively bankrupt technicolor-ed people. It is not defined by hair. Their hair dresser, for instance, is likely the creative one.)

Me: Well--

Clerk: Can I pick your brain for something?

Me: Sure?

Clerk: Tomorrow is my mother's 80th birthday and I really want to do something different this year.

Me: Like what?

Clerk: Normally we just do cake, presents--but I want to do something fun. I took her to a club last time.

Me: A club?

Clerk: Yeah. So something fun and different like that. Exciting. I'll let you think on it.

Me: *Asks Twitter for Advice*

Clerk: (Returning far too quickly for twitter to answer) So what do you think?

Me: Uh... Well, there's a S&M coffee shop called Wicked Grounds in the downtown area?

Clerk: Wicked Grounds?

Me: Yup.

Clerk: I'll look it up.

(+50 Renegade pts)

It occurred to me five minutes later when twitter answered with either,

A) "NO, DON'T!"
B)"YES, 80 YEAR OLD WOMEN LOVE S&M COFFEE SHOPS!" (Mostly this one. I have good friends)

I realized the clerk may have thought I meant M&M coffee shop.

And then I realized she probably meant something more like the "Let's meet Mitsy for tea and cucumber sandwiches" club rather than the "It's cage night and drinks are 3.00 for ladies" club.

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  1. That should be an enlightening experience...

    Maybe she will emerge a "creative type."