Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Aspiring Authors....

In the grand scheme of things, I'm still a n00b in the author world, so really the fact that you're bothering to read my opinion/thoughts is down right flattering.

So I'm going to let that flattery inflate my ego for a moment and pretend I'm an expert because that's what the internet is all about, right? My opinion is law. Trust me, I'm a blogger.

But seriously, I would like to speak to something that I've been seeing a lot of and I feel its important we put a stop to.

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Stop calling yourself an "Aspiring Author/Writer".

In fact, for the love of all that's tasty, stop using the word 'aspiring' in order to describe yourself. You're a writer or you aren't. You either wake up with that twitch, that impulse, that ever present narration that you couldn't shut up if you wanted or you don't.

Regardless your credentials, if nothing brings you happiness like the increasingly frustrating nature of stringing words into story, then guess what? You've arrived, you're a writer.

What you do to make a living does not define you. If that was the case we'd barely have any authors. I have a mountain of student loan debt. No, seriously, it makes Olympus blush.. Unless I make out like JK Rowling, I am likely going to always have to have a day job, whether it's relevant to my talents or not. And there is no way, absolutely NO WAY I am going to let my financial situation be what defines me.

So go, write, or whatever it is that makes you joyful (unless it's murdering people, then you should probably just get help, or be like Dexter--but don't quote me on that it's okay to be Dexter) and stop talking down who you are with words like 'aspiring'.

It's what you are.

Own it.

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