Saturday, March 30, 2013

International Table Top Day

Today is International Table-Top Day and I'd be quite remiss if I didn't blog about it just a little.

Remember the 80's when Dungeons and Dragons was being called out by nearly every Christian group as devil worshiping and witch craft? Remember the hilarious Jack Chick comic (side note, be careful of the general crazy oozing off that site)?

Admittedly, this was all going on before I was really old enough to get into the Dungeons and Dragon's scene but the controversy was still kinda resonating with my folks when I was in jr. high/high school. So while other kids snuck out to go drink or create trouble with their buddies... I snuck out to roll some D20s.

I know. I know. I'm hardcore.

Except I rolled terribly so my characters often didn't last too long.

In college, a friend of mine introduced me to Big Eyes, Small Mouth (D20 system centered around anime tropes) and it became a kind of tradition for a while between my friends Lyz, Mike and Morgan. Thank god for that ridiculously silly escapism, probably kept me sane. Lyz is my self-adopted big sister and Mike, her husband, is my self-adopted brother (brother-in-law, I guess). I will have to tell you all about them one of these days, because they were also a huge contribution to how I made it through college.

Post college, I returned to my D&D roots (varying editions) and was also introduced to Shadowrun and Pathfinder.

I freaking love table top gaming. I love the role play, I love that your fate is literally a matter of the luck of the roll and the kindness of your GM.  Thanks to table top, I've been everything from a cat-girl super hacker to a sociopathic mafia brat assassin to a spoony bard. The joy of acting with interactive storytelling, there's nothing quite like it.

I'll be participating in a circus themed one-shot tonight--do you have plans for today?


  1. I was President of the Gaming Society at University. Every Sunday 10-10 of AD&D. Man, I miss that. It's not easy roleplaying a Paladin in a party full of 'morally grey' characters. Oh, the arguments...

    Yeah, definitely miss that. :)

    1. Seriously not easy, but delightfully fun.

    2. It's worth it for the day you can strap on your Red Dragon Scale armour, stride out into the battlefield and offer the Red Dragon a chance to surrender peacefully.
      They never do...but I remain hopeful.