Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lara Project - The Why

So I've had a girl-crush on Lara Croft since 1996 when the original Tomb Raider hit the shelves. She's a female Indiana Jones with Bruce Wayne's cash flow (or at least it seemed that way considering her considerable budget for her trips and the manor) and Dick Grayson's acrobatic skill. You can say what you want about her sexualized appearance over the years, but I have always loved her. She was confident, daring and athletic. 

I want to be Lara Croft when I grow up.

...but I haven't grown an inch since 6th grade so it's become clear to me if I want to be that much of a badass, the time to start is now. Which is why I'm starting a personal goal called "The Lara Project" which is really just my geeky way of saying, "I'm working out/eating better and using the internet to help hold me accountable."

I've been trying to do this for a while but I'll fall back into old habits and lose focus.

I'm mainly writing this because I want to clear up a few stigmas that I seem to run into whenever I tell them I'm changing my habits in regards to diet.

First, let's agree that it's hard to eat well. It just is. Especially if you don't have a lot of time to cook. The crap that gets put into preserved or frozen food is just crazy and I can't even pronounce half of them and I figure if *I* don't have a clue what something is, chances are, my body won't either.

Put dietary restrictions (gluten/lactose intolerance) on top of that? It's an effort, let me tell you. Here are a few miscommunications I'd like to clear up:

When I say, "I want to eat better."

People hear: "I am going to be a stickler about dessert and am judging your eating habits."

But what I mean is, "I have two very large dietary restrictions that I have been ignoring frequently and as a result have been in a state of almost constant discomfort. I also have a problem with binge snacking and while I do not want to cut out tasty treats, I do need to be careful about moderation or I will engage in unhealthy eating habits and I would love your support so I stay healthy. This is an issue specific to me and my body and I do not expect you to adopt my same habits when around me."

When I say, "I'm watching what I eat."

People hear, "I'm starving myself."

But what I mean is, "I tend to like my life crazy busy but by doing this, I forget to eat or I eat things that end up making me feel awful because it's readily available. I need to plan what I eat and pay close attention so I make sure I eat enough food and that it's food that's actually going to help keep up my energy rather than put me in a little ball of pain. Because running on nothing but stress isn't unusual for me and when that happens I get shakey and tired and dizzy and it's a world of not good."

Also when I eat food with less chemicals etc, I notice my stomach has a tendency to handle dairy or gluten better... so I'm more likely to be able to cheat a little on those  intolerance.

When I say, "I need to work out more."

People hear, "I think I'm fat."

But what I mean is, "I want to be able to be able to do more athletic things with ease, ie marathons, climbing, dance, etc"

What this means for you:

Nothing, really. Absolutely nothing. My change in the kind of food I eat or my physical fitness has absolutely nothing to do with you. I want to rock climb (despite my fear of falling from heights), I want to hike and maybe learn how to do some crazy acrobatic parkour because it's oddly important to me. This does not mean I expect you to live this lifestyle. This does not mean I think less of you for not living this lifestyle. You are awesome, I adore you, I wouldn't have you any other way than you being comfortable with you.

What this means for this blog:

I'll be occasionally updating on progress and discoveries, things I've found, things I love, things that have failed etc etc. etc.

/King of Siam

...yeah, I just made a "The King and I" joke.

You guys are awesome. Stay that way.

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