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#AtoZChallenge Nominations for the Liebster Blogging Award

A-Z Blogging Challenge Topic: Nominations for the Liebster Blogging Award
I wanted to congratulate author Rinelle Grey for her Liebster Blogging Award nomination. The purpose of the Liebster Blogging Award is to give new bloggers a chance to gain new followers and to give more information to the blogger that nominated them.

Rules of the Liebster Blogging Award
The nominees should do the following if they accept their nomination:
1) Thank the blogger that nominated you
2) Give 11 random facts about themselves
3) Answer 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you for the award
4) Nominate up to 11 bloggers with around 200 followers and post links to their blogs
5) Ask 11 questions that those nominated can answer
6) Post about the award and nomination on your blog and Social Media sites
7) Inform the selected nominees of their nomination

The beauteous Patty Bones (@PattyBones2) nominated me as part of her acceptance (see rules above) and that just makes me feel all shiny. Thank you, Patty Bones, this made my day.

Here are 11 Random Facts about Me:

1) I'm a legal officiant. I can marry folks to eachother through the Church of the Due (Yes, it's a thing and I am a Dudeist Priest)

2) I'm afraid of sharks in swimming pools.

3) I'm convinced I would not survive a Zombie apocalypse, I have too many food restrictions and have no idea how to drive a manual car. And you know the only car that we find with the keys still in it will be a manual.

4) I have a weakness for chai lattes. Sweet, not spicy.

5) It is unusual for me to go through a day and not make up at least one song about something. They are short, they are stupid, but they're always there.

6) Once in a blue moon I will be in a location (usually when driving) that I have been hundreds of times before and it will look unfamiliar.

7) I am physically incapable of holding grudges. I get very angry, and within a few weeks tops, it burns out and I return to neutral. Grudges take too much energy that I don't have to spare.

8) I don't like the idea of existing in a world where some form of magic, regardless how small, does not exist.

9) I have an undying love for corgis. If I had the time/money for a dog, it would be my constant companion. I would name him/her "Hamlet" and he/she will have a ridiculously silly ruff collar.

10) I'm a complete Shakesnerd (Shakespeare Nerd) ... if that was not obvious by #9.

11) I had no idea what the Liebster Blogging Award was and I'm not entirely sure I do even now after googling it, I'm still not entirely sure. 

Here are the 11 questions to the nominees from Patty Bones:

1) How long have you been blogging (include any blogging contributions you may have done for someone else’s blog)?
Oh wow... Since the early days of livejournal. 15 years? I mean, to be fair, back then it was the private musings of a confused pre-teen but still...

2) What drew you to the topic or topics you blog about?
I've always been a writer at heart so since I was writing so much about fiction I created, it seems like a natural progression that I'd be compelled to write about the facts of my life. 

3) If you wanted to change something about the world, what would it be?
Compassion. I feel if there was a way to infuse the world with more compassion in all things, we'd be a safer place.. but I don't think they've created a supplement for that yet. 

4) Who inspires you the most?
As a writer? That's a long list that I believe tops up with Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman and Ragnar Tournquist (And anyone else who worked on The Longest Journey Series) as they were all very influential when I first started considering writing as a career path.

As a person? My parents. Both of their life stories and struggles are ridiculously inspiring in regards to the strength they possess daily.

5) What is your favorite TV show from when you were younger?
Hmm, how young? Probably anything Muppets. If Jim Henson's name was stamped on it somewhere, I was probably in love with it.

6) Do you like anime? If so, which is your favorite?
When I was younger, I was a pretty big Sailor Moon man... then I got older, saw the undubbed, uncut, darker version of the anime and read the manga and was absolutely in love with it. 

7) Do you collect? If so, then what is your favorite piece from that collection?
I have moved a lot since I came to Seattle and as a result I became the 'anti-pack-rat'. If I haven't had a practical use for something in over a year, it usually gets tossed or given away. I do like to collect quotes, however. Famous quotes and even things friends say. It's my own way of keeping that person with me at all times.

8) What part of the world do you want to visit that you have not yet?
Ireland and Scotland, I think. Well, most of Europe, really... And Austrailia. I don't travel as much as I'd like to... but you know, that whole money thing.

9) What is your favorite artist (can be music or other medium)?
I don't know if I'd call her my favorite of all time of everything, but I highly respect Emily Autumn's body of work. It's charged with emotion, it always has a story and every show is a production. On this same note, Amanda Palmer, quite frankly. Both of their works absolutely shake me.

10) What book genre do you like the most?
Fantasy, I suppose. Though I tend to enjoy more urban fantasy as of late than typical medieval style. 

11) Can you cook or bake?
I can! Just not for myself really. I'm gluten/dairy intolerant and gf/df baking is frankly not as delicious. Or it's just a lot more challenging to make delicious. Sometimes the flour combinations aren't... great.

I much more prefer baking for folks who can eat gluten and dairy. XD

Blogs I nominate:

1. StoryReeler, the Art Blog by Jenalee
2. TwentyFour52 by EM Giosia
3. Steampunk and Synthesizers by Ren Cummins

Questions I have:

1. Why is it you do what you do?

2. Something you hope to achieve in 2013?

3. Something that haunts you.

4. Something that always makes you smile.

5. What you do when you're supposed to be doing something else.

6. Phrase you find yourself uttering consistently. (IE. I should be writing.)

7. How do you get your muse going? (music, movies etc)

8. Biggest professional weakness.

9. Biggest personal struggle.

10. If you could change one social norm, what would it be?

11. I'll let the last one be easy: Your food/beverage of choice before/after/while you create!

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