Thursday, April 11, 2013

How To Be A Super Villian

So... I went to art school for college... like ya do. But I went to an art school that actually gave out a full on bachelor's degree which meant even though my core classes were various aspects of acting, I was still required to take other classes, including art electives. Which sounds almost silly when your core classes would be considered art electives in a 'normal' university.

One of these classes was called "Intro to Comics" taught the incomparable Ellen Forney. Now I was the only acting student in a class full of nothing but design and classical art majors (painters, sculptors, etc) and thus was a wee intimidated, but I'd like to think I held my own. And I learned a lot, including but not limited to knowing when to improve my handwriting because apparently typed word bubbles never look right.

But we've had some pretty text heavy things this week, so I thought I would treat you to one of my favorite pieces that came out of Ellen's class. We were supposed to do a 'how to' comic, illustrating step-by-step instructions on our subject of choice. Also, something cool about this is I did the entire thing without any digital help, just scanned it in. This effect was achieved by transferring the original onto tracing paper and coloring in both sides with colored pencil to get the super rich color. It took a HUGE amount of time, but I was really happy with it.

...I may have taken a slightly geekier pursuit than my classmates. Behold my alter ego...

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