Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Known Facts and Sims comics

Little known fact: My legal name used to be 'Kirstin Nelson'. I was never a fan of the name 'Kirstin' but grew a fondness to the nickname of 'Kiri'.

However as I entered into the world of theater, I realized that 'Kiri Nelson' wasn't a very good stage name and in college I adopted the name 'Callaghan' from family records. And boom, it stuck and now it's on all of my legal documents. Weird, huh?

I never released any writing under the name 'Kiri Nelson', but I did have a comic made entirely out of Sims 2 characters all through college.

I decided I was comfortable sharing this with you:

The photobucket that hosted the theme no longer has those pictures but all of the actual comics are in tact. I never fully finished, but I had a blast making it. 

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