Friday, April 5, 2013

The Lara Project - Nike+ Kinect Training

If you read this blog semi-regularly, you're probably, like me, fairly geeky and possibly enjoy video games. Frankly, I'm a big fan of this whole full-body gaming trend. I don't think everything should go that way but being able to work-out in the comfort of my apartment living room?

Heck yes.

So for this week's Lara Project update, I wanted to talk about the Nike+ Kinect Training game.

So if you have a Kinect sensor, you've probably played around with Dance Central or Kinect Adventures and you know that it can get you to work up quite the sweat. I used to love to dedicate 45 minutes a night to Dance Central.

Holy cow, it is nothing compared to this game. Not only does it cut down my work-out time, I know I'm using that time effectively because everything has that, "Oh hey, there are muscles you've never used before, did you know?" feel the next morning.

I am ridiculously exhausted in just 30 minutes (or under) and the sensor is pretty darn sensitive in knowing if your body is in the proper position. You can tailor the workout to your goal, there's a 4-week check in and if you have a Nike+ account, you can also check your fuel progress against your friends'. It keeps you to the basics, which I like, because you don't need a thousand things to train your body. It's also pretty entertaining--I love the mini-games, my favorite being where this glass wall moves toward you and you have to move to, crouch or jump through the one part of negative space.

This is such a short little blurb, really, but I don't have much else to say. I'm really enjoying it. Do you have any video-game related work-outs that are your favorites?

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  1. I bought UFC Trainer for Curtis. I use it more than he does. Each time I use it, I want to die after 15 minutes. The stuff I've used so far doesn't involve actual fighting but there are some wicked workouts.