Friday, April 12, 2013

The Lara Project: Tracking Your Progress

So I am by no means an expert on anything having to do with health or getting in shape, but I do know quite a few people who are and one of the important things I've been trying to focus on is avoiding scales.

Weight itself is weird. It really is. And it isn't very telling of what's actually going on as a lot of things can contribute to weight, not just your body fat etc. If you really want to track your progress, grab a measuring tape (the kind you use for clothing, building) and track by measuring the following:

(Make sure you're wearing tight-fitting clothing or if you'd like to go nekkid, that works as well to get an accurate measurement.)

Above all, remember it's about how you feel more than anything else. Numbers are just numbers in the end. If you really like how your tone/muscle shape is looking, don't stress about the number--this is just to help you track it--not to squeeze down to what may not be a number that may not be achievable through healthy means.

Things to Measure:

Bust (Around the chest, about at the nipple line)
Chest (Just under the bust)
Waist (A half inch above the belly button or the smallest part of your waist)
Hips (The biggest part of your hips)
Thighs (The biggest part of each thigh)
Calf (Largest part of each calf)
Upper Arm (Largest part of each arm above the elbow)
Forearm (Largest part of the arm below the elbow)

Every first Friday of the month, I'm going to start tracking my progress (Being all vulnerable on the internet, what?) and if you'd like, you can do it along with me in the comments below etc.

Have an awesome Friday and be safe out there!

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  1. I get measured once a month to track my progress. Just checked in today, actually.
    Happy your enjoying your body shaping progress :)