Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Great Cosplay Is Good For You

I had the pleasure of snagging dinner with my friend Meris ( who is not only one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet but also a fantastic cosplayer.

We talked a bit about cosplay itself and how we'd both kind of got into it--which really sounds like we were talking about a drug addiction or something, though I suppose that's appropriate. It is kind of addicting.

We nerded out on cosplay research and our first costumes. We both have a serious love for Halloween--or really any excuse to wear a costume, frankly. I'd learned sewing from my mom when I was young but the really cool thing about Meris is that she got into sewing as a result of cosplay.

Seriously, you should check out her blog, the fact that she only started crafting costumes relatively recently, makes her craftmanship that more impressive.

If you've never done any kind of cosplay, I cannot encourage you enough to give it a go at some point. Maybe it's the actor in me but I absolutely love embodying the character. On top of researching the costume itself, I love figuring out how they move, speech patterns... Okay, so I'll always be an actor at heart, but come on, if you're costuming as a villain
  you probably shouldn't be grinning with two anime peace signs by your face for a picture... Well, okay maybe one or two pictures because that could be funny.

And frankly, it's an awesome ego boost. I won't lie, I love being able to put together a well-crafted costume and get stopped by fellow con-goers in a crazy paparazzi-like fashion. It's the one time I get to feel like a celebrity. And while it may be a little shallow, I think everyone needs that kind of boost now and then.

But the truly best part? While that attention is temporarily fine and dandy, we all reach our breaking point (well, hopefully) and want to be left alone. Which is perfect because when you change back into normal clothing, you're incognito and can walk around unnoticed again.

When I'm going to a con for professional reasons, I prefer to go in plain clothes--and frankly cosplaying every day is exhausting. I've also noticed if you really pull off a costume that people appreciate, you'll never see anything you actually went to the con to do. Great for the ego, somewhat not great when you realize that ticket you paid for is wasting away so you can stand and have people take pictures of you, or that you missed that voice acting panel, or that Neil Gaiman signing...

What are some of your favorite experiences when cosplaying?

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