Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Activating the Internet Phone Tree

I first met Sabrina in 2011 she joined the staff for GeekGirlCon when I was PR Manager. She was warm, inviting, and had one of the most infectious smiles of anyone I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

What has always impressed me about her is that she's genuine in all that she does. When you talk, she not only listens, she's completely engaged in the conversation. She's compassionate and her dedication to helping out everyone she can in her community is absolutely inspiring.

So when she admitted she was in need of help for once, I decided to activate my "phone tree" per say.

You know 'phone trees'. Your moms probably had them--hell as a kid, I even had one--though it was more like a phone briar patch... it wasn't terrible effective. Before we could use the internet to reach out to our network of friends/colleagues/acquaintances, we phoned up two friends, they then phoned two friends who phoned two friends and so forth. And this is how we spread news.

So... this blog has sort of become my network to pass information. So I wanted to pass this onto you.

This is my friend Sabrina. Sabrina has multiple sclerosis. As many of you know, dealing with any kind of medical problem in this country is hard. It's expensive. And sometimes it's a matter between, "Do I pay my rent or do I buy my medicine?"

So I'm asking, if you can, even if it isn't much because we all are struggling--if you can donate even a tiny bit to help and then pass along the info, it would mean the world.

UPDATE: I've offered my own services to the tiers, (and hope it actually helps) in the form of my writing. 
For every person who donates to my tier, I will give a free digital copy of my upcoming book Alys (Book 1 of the Chronicles of Terra Mirum) and 3 of those folks will be picked to be written into my next book. 

This next book that I'm writing with the beautiful and talented Jessica Watson (code name: Lock & Steel) will launch a new series involving magic, steam punk and murder. So if you'd like a chance to be a victim, a villain, or just that overly helpful citizen (I don't know, I'm just naming stereotypes) hop over to the link provided above and choose my tier. 

Note: Alys isn't listed in the official tier because I just thought to add it, but I will be giving it out, so don't worry. 

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