Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Putting the "EE!" back in GEEK!

There is a strange phenomenon happening--and it really isn't particularly new, and I won't be the first or last person to mention it but I think I finally found words to talk about it.

We don't really let ourselves just love something anymore. I mean, not really.

I'd like to blame hipsters and for once it's not because I just like blaming hipsters. There is this mentality in the hipster community (and I realize this is a sweeping generalization) where you must be better and smarter than everything. It's ridiculously pretentious and it's all about being clever--or more importantly THINKING that you're being clever all the time at the expense of your surroundings.

Now I will be the last person to claim to ever be the smartest person in the room but this is the most idiotic trend I have ever seen be picked up.

Who are you people? No, really, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

You know what GEEK is? Geek is about passion. It's spending months on a costume you wear for a day. It's camping out with your friends outside of a Target when it's practically freezing outside just so you can get the latest console. It's Arrested Development premiere parties and feeling your heart race all day because you know that NIGHT a new Game of Thrones will be airing.

But for some reason, I see nothing but cynicism and failed attempts at stand-up comedian like pot-shots fill my twitter and facebook feed.

For some reason, we feel like we can't get excited anymore. You aren't cool unless you're mocking something.

So I'm going to tell you something very plainly: Those people are douche-bags. No, not even that, because douche-bags actually have a purpose. Those people are toe jam and belly button lint. They don't do anything, they just gather together and exist.

When someone mentions they're excited about the new Star Wars, resist this weirdly trained response about lens flares. When a comic is made into a movie, give it a chance before you start ripping on how the comic was way better. When toys or games are made to help introduce the fandom to different groups, don't tear it down immediately.

It's okay to love things--I encourage you to with reckless abandon. Go love the hell out of something. Bounce up and down, make squealy noises of joy, do a dance!

Seriously. Go. Give yourself that permission.


  1. Fuck yeah!! Let your nerd shine!

  2. Right on! BUT, to counterpoint this... as a geek, sometimes I don't like things because I think they're crap. Example: Amazing Spider-Man. I say I didn't like it. My view can sometimes get dismissed as me being a (hipster) fanboy. My problem isn't based on the franchise/series it's based on (I bloody love Spidey!). I think it's a bad film. So I had to develop a whole new language to dance around these logic ending arguments.