Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and What I Did This Weekend

It was Father's Day this past Sunday and while I couldn't be home this weekend, I did get a chance to give my dad a call and talk about why he's seven shades of awesome and that I'm glad he and mom hooked up, got married and decided to keep having kids after both my older siblings so that I could exist.

Also thanked him for being a huge influence on my curiosity, my hunger for learning and instilling me with a totally wicked* sense of humor. But we'll talk more about my father, the awesome on Wednesday. ;D

*Every time I say "Totally Wicked", I need you to imagine this kid:

So! Writer's retreat.

This happened. And it happened at the Judith Ann Inn:

Now the Judith Ann is admittedly meant to be like "Aw, super romantic" but for me I was like, "Hey, giant tub for bubble bath, fire place, kitchen to cook in, huge bed, no interruptions--GREAT PLACE TO WRITE AND RELAX."

Especially since I realized, shortly after arriving, that the wifi was rather... well non-existent.

I didn't get as much editing done as I'd wished BUT, I am more than halfway done and I got to try this totally new thing.

It's called relaxing.

Sounds weird, right? But it wasn't, it was totally awesome! I mean, at first, of course, I was scared and worried but after I just jumped right in, it came completely naturally. I watched a movie, I curled up with some fruit and a bubble bath (btw, I watched the movie WHILE IN the bubble bath), I found a bottle of my favorite wine by pure and random happenstance.

The bed was super comfy, the bathtub was perfect for concocting my bath of bubble awesome (THOUGH DO NOT TURN ON JETS IF YOU USE BUBBLES).

The kitchen had most basic cooking amenities--including a grill and coffee maker. I recommend you bring your own coffee though.

Remember Ocean Shores is kinda remote and very small town. The nearest Safeway was 20 miles away and they gave me some weird looks when I ordered my "eggs, any style" as "egg whites only" but I did have a lot of fun! Even if I did stick out like a sore thumb. Colored hair and bright color was not really the norm but they certainly didn't shun me, thank goodness.

The wifi part was frustrating so I would likely not make it a regular "writing retreat" location but hey, gives me more reason to try new places and pass that info on to you!

I think these kinds of breaks are pretty necessary when it comes to the writing process and I'm not even joking. While I can't kickstart my creativity without the hubbub of life and the city, once I have a goal to focus on, it's good to get away from everyone and thing so you can just hunker down and, pardon the phrase, "git 'er done!"

Also relaxing.

Seriously, taking an hour bubblebath while watching The Hobbit was seriously responsible for me being able to hop into work-mode mindset.

Give yourself days to reset and recuperate.

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