Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jedi Moves and the Triforce of Nommage

I have another guest post over at Ricochet biscuit!

Waffle S'more

If you want to find out about the delicious waffle s'more...

Then you'll want to check out my post over at her website. =D

But while you're here, I'd like to tell you about another tasty treat and the epicness that ensued while I was acquiring it!

I was wandering around Kirkland the other day--like I do--and I stumbled upon Hoffman's Fine Cakes and Pasteries.

We all know I have a weakness for pastries.

Or if you didn't know, now you do.

Anyway, I'd been good that week so I figured I would stop in for a little treat if they had anything tasty enough.

I confess, while I do love lemon bars, half the reason I purchased this is it looked like a freaking part of the Triforce.

Triforce of Nommage Lemon Bar

My geekery satisfied, I decided I would partake of one. And then shortly after, while carrying my prize up a flight of concrete stairs, I fell, the triforce went flying upward, my hand bit into the cement and the other shot out and caught the bag before it smashed against the pavement.

It was totally jedi.


This is a seemingly less talked about fact of life. When you smash your face into the ground, your entire class/office and biggest crush will all witness it. When you manage to save yourself and belongings in a move befitting a ninja, not even the trees will take note.

My badassery feeling slightly under appreciated due to a lack of audience, I broke out the finest cutlery available and tried to take a picture so you could know exactly what I was talking about. The lighting was fluorescent and terrible.

Somewhere on the internet, food bloggers are rocking themselves back and forth in tears.


So I tried to attack this with a fork and that apparently wasn't the best idea because the lemon icing wasn't happy with me trying that and hindered me from cutting through the crust.

So since it was so well contained, I decided to nom it by picking it up like a pizza. This made the process far easier but I must confess while I do like the aesthetic of the icing border, it broke up the consistency of the bar--it was smooth and almost buttery in texture which wasn't quite harmonious with the tart lemon filling. I confess, I ended up scraping the icing off and just eating the rest bare.

It. Was. Delicious.

But then again, it's hard to go wrong with a lemon bar.

Even though the icing wasn't to my taste, it was an interesting alternative to the traditional powdered sugar dusting and I recommend giving it a try if just for the unintentional geeky novelty.

Perhaps we'll have to devise our own Triforce Lemon Bars? Sounds like a Vlog to me...

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