Monday, June 3, 2013

The Best French Toast I have Ever Tasted (At Least in Seattle)

French Toast w/Fresh Blackberry Compote
It's time for food porn, ladies and gentleman.

And you have my friend Tyler J. Hill to blame for it.

Or thank.

I suppose that depends if you live in Seattle or if you're reading this and thinking, "Oh come on, I can't eat there, I live in Russia!"

That's right, you beautiful Russians who apparently read this blog, that one was for you. Kiri checks her analytics *Z snap*.

So let's talk about Americana. It's this cute little restaurant on the bustling street of Broadway on Capitol Hill. Though if you've never been to Capitol Hill and you go for breakfast on a Saturday/Sunday morning, you'd never know.

Tyler first introduced me to Americana two weekends ago (we went twice in one weekend), and last weekend, I took my friend M (the badass who does the coloring for my comics) who was in from San Francisco to it.

Now that you have an idea about my addiction... BTW, have I mentioned I'm gluten intolerant and was really tempting the fates for a stomach ache?

Totally worth it.

I'm told they use a delicious artisan sourdough bread that is then soaked in the mixture for 24hrs, pan fried, baked and then pan fried again. The result?




They change it up a little every week, whatever the fresh fruit is of the week. Honestly? I recommend you get that fruit on the side at least your first time. Just try that french toast w/ no more than a little syrup. It's real syrup, btw. Not that weird sticky corn syrup.

It's a wee bit o' heaven in your mouth.

If you're ever in the Seattle area, I highly recommend it. If you're also a glutard and don't want to risk intense intestinal pain, they do have Udi's Gluten free bread on hand. I'm not sure how it differs with taste, however. That will be a test for another visit.

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