Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vlogs and Schedules and Whims, oh my!

So last week I talked about rebranding and why it's important and how I've tried on a few brands over the years.

Today I wanted to talk about what exactly that will mean. Exciting, right?

Shut-up. Pretend with me.

First and foremost, this means I'm changing my schedule--or rather, I'm making a schedule. This is really for sanity's sake as posting content 7 days a week is a wee taxing and honestly when I get behind there's no way to catch up.

So we're going to be moving on to a M-F format (with exceptions subject to my whim, who knows, I may just feel like writing!).

Let's be honest, you don't want to read my litany of run on sentences on the weekend. You deserve a break! Go get brunch at your favorite breakfast nook--or FIND a breakfast nook. Maybe you've never been to brunch before.

And to be even more honest, I need those weekends so I can venture off and work on all those other things I do when I'm not chatting up you amazing people.

Or talking to myself. My god, what if I'm just talking to myself right now?

Wow, have you ever asked yourself a question and immediately after realized you didn't give a flying duck about it?

Yeah, I said duck. And I meant duck. Ducks fly. You have a problem with that?

I'm getting derailed. Okay, so brunch... No. SCHEDULE. I was was talking about the change of schedule.

While it is (possibly) sad that there will be no regular/guaranteed updates on Saturday/Sunday (and the occasional holiday), I am hoping what I'm going to announce will make up for that.

Remember how I said I was going to retool my vlog? Well that includes how often I vlog. Starting next week, it's my personal goal to get a new vlog out to you (Under the lovely new banner/name) every Wednesday (These will be fully produced videos and will not include the occasional phone/iPad upload). Expect the introductory episode one week from today!

So the roster on Wit & Whimsy is going to look a little bit like this:

Monday: Grab Bag (Venue Reviews, Thoughts, Cool Finds etc)
Tuesday: Grab Bag (Venue Reviews, Thoughts, Cool Finds etc)
Wednesday: Vlog + Article w/ relevant info not covered in the video.
Thursday: The Happy Thought Project.
Friday: The Lara Project + Weekend Plans/Grab Bag (Venue Reviews, Thoughts, Cool Finds)

Don't forget, tomorrow is Happy Thought Thursday! Send all your happy thoughts to

What makes you happy? Your family or pets? Send us a picture! Do you have a family recipe with a great story behind it? Send us both!

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  1. I had to do the same thing. I write on three different sites, and had to make the call to only post once a week on each site.