Monday, July 8, 2013

Film Shoots Are Exhausting

Behold possibly one of the biggest understatements ever placed in a blog title.

This isn't really news, I know that. And this weekend was extremely stressful in that technology was completely working against us. But honestly? Totally worked out in the end. I may be tired and sore and thinking my keyboard would make a mighty fine pillow (I'd be wrong) but the weekend ended with a product I'm really proud of and I can't wait to show you.

Voting starts up again on Wednesday so I will definitely be keeping all of you updated.

If you're on FB, you can join in on the official event where I send out reminders etc. Invite whoever, it's a public thing and, as always, please follow Wheaton's law when you post.

How was your weekend? I know a lot of people were able to take a long languid break (heck yeah!). Which is good. My break was almost nothing but filming and editing and shouting expletives at technology until it took pity on me.

In case you missed last week's Wit & Whimsy (Because you were so very busy and awesome), here's the link to that one more time.

All about getting excited about myth and the science that we find now actually supports it on some level.

Since we've all had a long weekend--you either partied or maybe you worked yourself ragged like me--or if you were down at RTX, you're probably recovering from that, poor soul...

Anyway, my point is I'm going to keep it short this morning because we all deserve to have a bit of a muddy-minded Monday morning.

Catch ya tomorrow, you guys are awesome!

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