Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Giant Headache

So normally this post would have been sooner--normally it would be full of wit and whimsy and puppies and gods know what else--but I woke up this morning feeling like hell warmed over--which I guess it would have to freeze first and then thaw for that? Either way it sounds unpleasant.
I am feeling absolutely unpleasant.


Why? Firstly because I'm a girl and at some point during our design someone screwed up and decided that pain was a mandatory activity that would be engaged in at least once a month.

Secondly because I'm nursing a baby migraine. Which makes it sound like I'm trying to nurture into a strong strapping healthy migraine and that wasn't my intention at all.

Ugh, you get the idea.

I'm really wary of just popping pills however to get rid of this (most of the time because it doesn't work) so I try to go the home remedy route if I can and save the drugs for when its time to break out the big guns. These all have worked for me in the past, or at least seemed to work which is good enough for me as long as the pain stops and I'm not full o' chemicals.

1. Ginger tea (or boiled slices of ginger preferably) and honey: I really do not care for the taste of ginger but this remedy does wonders for both headaches and abdominal pain (so long as it's a cramp and not a knife wound).

2. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory (and one of my favorite spices). Since hot liquids tend to help best--add a little cinnamon. I like to drink hot cider.

3. Peppermint Oil Footbath: I was super skeptical when I tried this one--it seemed just a wee far fetched. But oddly enough the hot water draws your blood to your feet which relieves the pressure from your head. The peppermint acts as aromatherapy and the smell encourages muscles to relax.

4. Yoga: The last thing you want to do when you feel crappy is move--but a lot of the holding poses in yoga help get the blood flowing in your body.

5. Butterbur Extract: This sounds like it's straight out of Harry Potter but this herb can be found at your grocery store in the supplement/vitamin aisle. These have often helped with some of my more killer migraines so they get my thumbs up.

6. Pressure points: With the thumb and index finger of one hand pinch the flesh between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. This should slowly start to relieve a tension headache.

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