Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Thought Thursday

So... Only one of these today and it's because I really want to highlight this because this ended up being a huge happy thought for me. During this whole crazy campaign thing, I received this email (from the fellow who does all the awesome campaign pics I RT) and I asked permission if I could share with all of you.

You know the old saying "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"?  Well that's what this was. Loved doing this for you.  I enjoyed putting all these campaign/promo pics together.  It was a no-brainer backing you for this.

Like I've mentioned before, ECCC became a really special time for me.  More special than I had hoped.  I went over to enjoy my first comicon and introduced myself to Seattle to see if I wanted to move there.  My decision to move became cemented while bombing around Seattle before and after each con day.  My enjoyment at the con was just as great; being around all the things I enjoy.

My secondary reason for going was to see if I could get my creative spark back.  Being surrounded by so many unique people did that in more ways than I thought.  Silly as it might seem to some; catching you, Blythe, Jeff and Rissy at your show was part of that spark. 

So I’m always going to say thanks to you guys for that.

Still think it's funny that I flew all that way to find out about a comedy improv troupe that ended up being about two hours away from where I live.  It was my appreciation for that re-sparking that led to my making Dorkj√∂lnir for the guys and then the goggles for you. 

Hope those have held up for you, by the way.

It was also your creation of Happy Thought Thursday that was part of my inspiration for my starting (and naming) Museday Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do in digital art.  It was thanks to doing and learning from all those Museday Tuesdays that helped me figure out how to do those campaign pics.  It was funny going "oh, that'd work. That drove me nuts figuring that out."  Not sure if it was inspiration or just from doing all my other pieces but the campaign pics just seemed to roll out pretty effortlessly.

Some of the folks that I follow via social media are, for the most part, people I’ve met or seen in person.  Some of those folks are Team Unicorn FTW, Damsels of Dorkington, Bonnie Burton, Wil Wheaton and you.  The one thing all these specific people have in common was not just me meeting them at ECCC but what they bring to what they do; a unique perspective, energy, creativity and positivity.

So how could I offer that kind of support when you do all that?

Like I said, this was a no-brainer.

Even if we don’t end up crossing paths again, I’d like to become friends.  In part because of what came of ECCC but also in part of the quality of person you are. 

Thanks again and I look forward to getting the word out for round two.

Go get’em, pixie.

~ Joshua

I am a wise fool.

This letter brought such a ridiculous smile to my face, I can't even tell you. Helping inspire people to do what they want/to go be creative/go out into the world? I can't think of a higher honor. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for having support and as corny as it may sound--thank you for believing in me.

Let's go make this world even more awesome.



What is "The Happy Thought" Project?

The ‘Happy Thought’ Project is an on-going collaborative work focused on the little things that make life worthwhile and make us smile. The goal is to create a collection of artwork (photography, drawings, writing) that bring hope and comfort.

These will be shared every Thursday.

If no content has been sent, I'll write something up on my own. Thursdays are going to be about sending positive thoughts into the world.

When enough content has been gathered, I would like to bind them into a book and donate whatever proceeds are obtained to the Crisis Clinic.

What Kind Of Things Can I Submit?
I accept drawings, photography, quotes, poems and short stories.

Drawings and Photos should be accompanied by a small amount of text (whether to explain or add to the picture) and should be something you personally own the rights to.

Poems should not be previously published.

Short stories should be no longer than half a page in a word document and should not be previously published. I use ‘short story’ loosely. This should be a personal story etc.

Quotes may be famous quotes but please credit them appropriately.

Some editing may be done to make sure spelling/punctuation is correct but for the most part I will try to keep all writing in tact as it is sent to me.

How Do I Submit Work?
For the time being, please send all Happy Thoughts to

Can I Submit More Than One Thought?

Is This Anonymous or Credited?
I would like to leave that up to you.

If you would like to be credited for your thought, I will use only FIRST NAMES.

Please indicate in your email submission if you would like to have your name mentioned. If there is no indication either way, I will assume you wish to remain anonymous.

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