Wednesday, July 3, 2013

LOOK AT THIS THING I FOUND! Kiri talks about some new discoveries with Silver

It's Wednesday! Wednesday means Vlog day! Or at least as per our current scheduling! Whoo! Are you excited? I'm excited. Note: This is chapter 4, this is not, I repeat NOT my G&S submission for round 2.

It's Chapter 4! So I read this article and got super excited and decided I needed to share its findings with the internet--and at the same time use that as a spring board to sort of examine how mythology and science have weirdly not been too far off from each other.

You know how I mentioned the other day that my submission for G&S was going to likely have a different name this second round so I could differentiate the two if by your will I was chosen in the end? 

Well this chapter is a really good example of the kind of thing that particular facet we will be focusing on in those videos. Getting down and nerdy on geek culture. Finding the facts in our fictions! 

Should I not be chosen, this type of video will continue as one of the many kinds of Wit & Whimsy, just like Look at This Cool Thing I Found!, Serious Pie, and Are you FREAKING kidding me?.

Voting starts on July 10th, I have a really cool video planned for my second submission--I can't wait to show you guys what's to come.

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