Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh, hey Monday

So you know how I talked about how important hydration is during big projects, especially filming?

Let's just say it's a good thing I carpooled because I would not have been able to drive myself home Sunday night. I was... stupid tired. Like... "Check her breath, she's acting drunk" level tired.

On the upside, we were able to film an entire scene and I'm really looking forward to see how this project is going to turn out.

And on the note of projects...

I briefly mentioned the Kickstarter project I'm a part of but it's probably important I talk a little bit more about that.

So! The Indie Guide to Indie Publishing is this book a few of us are putting together that is going to include multiple facets about Independent publishing from authors who have already tripped and fell along the way as they discovered what worked and what didn't.

If you're curious about how to go about it--we talk about it. We've got authors, designers, even voice actors (Hi there) contributing to this project so we can talk about everything from cover design to audiobooks. Independent Publishing is a LOT of work. But we're here to help you through it. I'll be talking about this a lot more now that voting for Geek & Sundry is over...

And speaking of voting...


Seriously, guys.


6,059 votes? How freakishly flattered and honored am I to have that much support from all of you? I wasn't even prepared to have tiers go that far. Let's look over what was achieved:

Downloadable version of these songs
Dragonborn (Skyrim)
The Steward of Gondor (LOTR)
Vlog the Impossible Vlog (Geek and Sundry Contest Tribute)
I Dreamed a Dream of Firefly (Firefly tribute)

A new song (w/ download) and a follow Friday for top 3 promoters on twitter (@ImpInMyHead, @TheTruePlatPat, @MaxDyckhoff).

I Dreamed a Dream of Firefly music video for Youtube (I'm in conversation w/ some folks about logistics--including a soundbooth!)

A theatrical short based around ideas polled from twitter

An audio release of "The Lily and The Tiger" (I'm also recording some audio stuff for another author so once that is done, this will be released)

A MUSICAL theatrical short based around ideas polled from twitter

A Thoughts From Places video

A Day in the Life video in the style of a point and click adventure.

An Original Song

So! You will notice that there are lots of videos listed here. LOTS of videos. So I will be working through these and they will be making appearances as episodes (or parts of episodes) of Wit & Whimsy! The decision on this kinda came down to I realized that if I am chosen to join the G&S clan (announcements made on Aug. 2nd), I will be putting too much on my plate and I want to make sure you guys get what I promised you. And since all of these kinda fit under the general feel of Wit & Whimsy (though not Kiriosity), I figured why not?

You will notice, however, that there are some things missing from this list--because after all, we got to over 6,000 and I only listed tiers up to 4,000.

I've been plotting on showing you some behind the scenes kind of things from Funeral Potatoes (which we started filming this weekend) and there has been some talk about also doing a Queen of Hearts video somewhere down the line... 

But what do you think? We've got 4 tiers (or the equivalent thereof) that should be filled--what would you be interested in seeing?

Also due to the craziness of this weekend, while there will be a video (possibly 2 videos) this week, there will be no official chapter until next week. But there is going to be content and hopefully that alone will appease you.

Love you all!


  1. Draw My Life seems to have been popular in recent history - you could do one of those.

    Y'know the I've been giving this several minutes - MINUTES - of brainstorming, and I just realized it's difficult to come up with a "community" prize. It's not like you can send us all autographs so we can prove we knew of you before you were Felicia Day 2.0.

  2. I love the funeral potatoes idea! I'm curious about the adaption process from stage to film.

  3. Dang, and I thought I would have been one of the top 3 promoters... but still cool. Imp is one I was chatting with in the video hangout that one night when I was posting on twitter, facebook, and youtube to help keep info rolling, link finding, etc. I will have to follow them. Thanks for posting that. Grats again on over 6000 and will watch your new vids soon as they are up.