Friday, July 12, 2013

Sleep and other things I wish I'd done.

So... I'm not going to talk about why getting a good night's rest is important... because frankly that just seems  hypocritical at this point as I'm running on less than 2 hours of sleep which were interrupted by some weird jumpy nightmares (apparently when you're sleep deprived/force yourself to stay awake for too long, this is a common side-effect).

But I finished the video I needed to get done for a Kickstarter project against a thousand technical errors (seriously, what gives, laptop?) AND I even managed to record a video response to Amy' Dallen's talking comics #3 where she asked people to make their own rendition of the Superman song.

I still owe you guys a new downloadable song but this seemed more important at the time because Amy was very sad face that no one had responded yet.

So this weekend I've got more work to do... BUT I will be taking a break for this if you want to tune in as well.

Oof, brain dead.

I know weekends are kind of when the internet typically quiets down but if you could remember to vote I would be ever so grateful!

Submission from @ImpInMyHead on twitter, hands down my favorite "Vote for Kiri" sign:

Stay shiny, make sure you take care of yourselves (I'll try to take my own advice!).

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