Friday, July 19, 2013

The Weekend As It Applies To Lara

So this weekend we're headed down to Oregon to start filming Funeral Potatoes!

It's super exciting. Or at least, I'm excited. We're only able to shoot one scene before my co-star is off to help people in Morocco (because she's amazing and saintly and makes me feel like I kick puppies. She's also going to be the most amazing doctor in the world. Just saying).

But that works because we're doing a scene that happens a year before every other scene so it will work rather perfectly when we pick up filming again in a couple months.

Anyway. The road ahead (quite literally in some respects) means road-tripping, tourism and a long day at a film shoot. All of these are kind of pitfalls for unhealthy habits.

I am so bad at snacking on things I shouldn't when in the car! It used to be the only time I ate fast food. Now I tend to avoid fast food all together (other than Starbucks--if that counts--because I need coffee on the road). If you're like me, your body already goes kinda wonky on processing things when you're in a car for a long amount of time--eating junk just makes that ten times worse. I recommend getting some grapes if you can--really easy to munch, can be crunchy (especially if you freeze them!) to satisfy that craving and are mostly water.

Speaking of water: Hydrate! I don't know what it is about car trips but I always get dehydrated. I'll be skipping any sugary drinks or sodas--I find I feel way less gross after being in the car if I've stuck to pretty natural snacks.

I've mentioned the dreaded nutritional menu before but don't ruin your vacation by doing nothing but calorie counting. Just make sure you know what's going into your meals when you eat out. You'd be surprised what something that seems like it should be fairly simple and good can be (depending how it's prepared).

Plus nothing ruins being in a new place like your stomach giving you guff because you ate too much or something that you shouldn't. I myself have often fallen victim to food baby syndrome. Oof. Nap time.

Film Shoots and Other Stressful Projects
There is a reason "Craft Services" exists. When you're on your feet doing something like a shoot or rehearsal, you can completely forget the simple things--like the fact that you didn't eat or you haven't had a glass of water in 5 hours.

So when you're tackling a big project, regardless what it is, make sure you take care of you. Yes, deadlines, making your mark, giving a good performance etc whatever--all important. But none of that is going to matter if you run yourself into the ground.

So be good to yourself this weekend, no matter what you're up to.

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I released a new video thanks to your awesome votes. A bonus video--wasn't even on my list!

This weekend I'll be filming some behind the scenes action for next Wednesday. We'll see where we are then. =)

You guys are amazing. I'll yak at ya on twitter, other than that, have a great weekend and we'll catch up on Monday.


  1. Whereabouts in Oregon? I just got back from Portland yesterday. It may not be new to you, and it definitely falls into the "bad tourist food but it's part of the culture" category, but if you've never tried Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, DO IT. They have three locations. The line can be long (30 minutes seems to be the norm), but if you go at an unconventional time, you might get lucky.

  2. I live in Eugene and I gotta say, the weather here is PERFECT right now, so hopefully that means a safe, pleasant trip for you. If you need "real" food going down I-5 the Hawthorne District in Portland has tons of super healthy and international eats. Plus it is probably the coolest (albiet heavily hipster) part of Portland.