Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wit & Whimsy Chapter 6: Character Development

Technology was not on my side today/last night. I finally finished editing and started the render around 1am in the morning and toddled off to bed.

When I awoke, Jane (my big laptop, yes named after the AI from Ender's Game) looked as if she had freshly restarted. I panicked, checked... and found that while the video had rendered, it was missing the last two minutes. All hail forced restarts thanks to automatic updates.


So at 6am in the morning I had to re-finish the ending and re-render because apparently last night Jane  restarted and only rendered half the video. And for some reason Premiere had no recent auto-save.
So I put the half-rendered video in and added the missing clips as rapidly as I could. This was all fine and good except in the rush, I pulled down the line that controls the opacity of the clip just a smidge on one of the cuts and didn't realize. 

If you aren't familiar with Premiere there is a yellow line that goes straight through the clip in the timeline bar--you use this to adjust the opacity of the clip, it helps with overlay and fading etc etc. HOWEVER, when you are moving the clip along the timeline, it is SUPER EASY to pull this one way or the other and not notice. If you use Premiere, a good trick for this is before you do any effects (color correction, etc), select all, right click and select "Remove All Effects". This will reset any yellow lines that strayed during the organization process.

While nearing the end of rendering, Jane kept saying "Only 4 more minutes!" like I was an impatient date waiting for my partner to stop primping.

25 minutes later...

If you didn't see me shout it from the rooftops yesterday, Geek & Sundry is extending the voting time through Monday. So I will still be urging folks to vote and promoting the video this weekend. Thank you so much for sticking with me this far. 

We've unlocked prizes up until 3,000 votes at this point--which is awesome. We've been staying in the top 3 which is mind-blowingly fantastic. You guys have seriously been rocking it and I couldn't be more grateful.

Remember, VOTE, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE! If you want to participate in more than what's going on over at Youtube, there is a Geek & Sundry Forum Topic talking it all up.

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