Monday, August 19, 2013

All Quiet on the Whimsy Front

Holy cow, is it really only a few days until Toronto Fan Expo? Eesh.

So I'm going to be ridiculously sleep deprived the next couple of days. Basically thanks to moving last week I'm behind on the work I was supposed to get done this weekend (and burning a hole in my filming backdrop didn't help--satin is evil and so is my iron!). So basically here is what it comes down to.

I have two priority obligations, the first being that I finish editing my G&S episode so I can hop on a plane on Wednesday and head off to Toronto Fan Expo. Film. Editing. Takes. FOREVER. The second priority is finishing an audiobook recording for the amazing Blake Northcott and her book Arena Mode.

What this means: this blog is probably going to be rather quiet this week. I may try to write blog entries while I'm sitting at the booth and then upload them when I have wifi access--assuming that wifi at the convention will be ridiculously expensive as it always is.

So I hope you'll forgive that I'm going to skip out on my blogly duties in order to make sure I make my deadlines. Though based on how sleep deprived I am now, who knows how coherent those blog posts will be. Expect sleep-drunk tweets.

What this also means is that this week's W&W will likely be late. It's all filmed but depending how long it takes to edit Kiriosity, it may not make an appearance until Sunday or even Monday. So... same amount of videos, just possible more waiting time.

I really strive to keep to a schedule and I'm sorry for not being able to keep it this week--things just got a little too overwhelming between my dayjob and what I strive to create for you.

I'm hoping to finish polishing Alys while at the convention since I don't need internet in order to finish formatting etc and it may be available for download by the end of the convention or at latest, the end of the month. I will a limited amount of posters of the cover at our booth (P140, Blake and I are sharing with the good folks of Rorschach Press) that I will be giving out at Toronto Fan Expo.

I may also have some cool Geek & Sundry swag to give out at the con...

You guys are amazing, looking forward to meeting some of you at either Toronto Fan Expo or PAX Prime!



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