Monday, August 26, 2013

Fan Expo, Fiction and Fabulous People!

Holy crap, is it Monday?

I need a triple-grande "back to real life" latte please.

Okay. Let's re-cap.

I arrived in Buffalo, New York early Thursday morning and was picked up by the fabulous Blake Northcott so I could be smuggled--err--driven across the border. When we planned this exhibition it was about 300 dollars more to fly directly to Toronto, so you can likely understand my reasoning for this method.

However there was one factor that we didn't anticipate.

Every time we attempted to get on the highway that would take us back up to good ol' Canuckistan, we hit a police road block.

Clearly they were trying to keep me from leaving the country.

An off-handed comment was made, "Geeze, is Obama in town or something?"

Turns out yes, yes he was.

So we were stuck until about 11am... on the outskirts of Buffalo.

Classy Dames
But then we were off and zooming to pick up our tickets and to get gussied up for a fabulous dinner at the CN Tower!

The CN Tower is kinda like if the Seattle Space Needle and New York's Empire State Building had a baby tower... that grew up to be a really big tower that both parents kinda just shake their head at, bewildered where all the height came from.

Anyway, atop the CN Tower is the 360 restaurant which is very similar to the Skycity restaurant in Seattle--in that it's a round room with many windows that rotates for a full panoramic view of the city. Oh, and they're both ridiculously expensive.

Super tasty though.

The food was amazing (steak om nom nom) and we were seated RIGHT at sunset and it was gorgeous and breathtaking and a perfect way to relax before the crazy that was going to ensue come the following morning at the Expo.

After dinner we mosied to the observation deck and I stood on the glass floor and vaguely wondered if someone on the ground could see up my dress. Considering everyone looked like ants below this seems very unlikely but these are the things one has to worry about.

Blake with the Arena Mode merch and Alys posters!
We were lucky enough to be able to share a table with the amazingly hilarious and talented Matthew Mohammed, the writer and creator of "Black Bastard" comics. If you ever see him at a convention, I seriously encourage you to stop by his table, hear his pitch and pick up an issue. Not only is his writing clever, he's one of those people who you could probably just spend hours talking to. Awesome guy and Blake and I would have been truly up a river without him for a table.

Blake was promoting the first novel in her new hit series, Arena Mode and I was stirring up hype for Alys with some free posters.

I actually spent a good portion of Friday half-crouched over EDI and finishing up formatting edits since for the first time I didn't have the ability to be working on anything else (vlogs, audio book etc etc).

Side Note: Between work and PAX, I'm going to be knuckling down on more audio book recording and editing, so I will likely be a little out of touch this week and next. Things need to get done, you know?

Speaking of getting things done, however...


No, really, it's up on Amazon. I'm not even kidding. You see that picture of the cover in the sidebar? That's totally legitimate. Go ahead, click on it, it works!

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was to finally send that out into the world. Well... it was a grab bag of emotions, really.

First I was really apprehensive because I know, like with all books, there was bound to be errors that both me and my editors missed. While this is something common even with traditionally published books, Independent authors tend to get more flak for it.

Second, there's always this kind of mourning period when you finish reading a book. I've found it's very much the same when writing one. And the longer it takes you to finish writing that book, the harder it is to let it go. I would never write those characters again--not like that, anyway. Not that story. That journey was done. And I knew I was going to miss them. And on some level it felt as if I'd lost my brother all over again because of how that book had helped me get through those first few months.

Rev. Dave Johnson swag
It's a weird process, really. And I'd like to tell you I'm planning on taking a break to mourn or decompress but I'd be lying. I guess I just don't work that way. I'm not comfortable with stillness. I've a book to record and vlogs to film and once Arena Mode is shipped off, I'll be diving into a new story because that's how the mental illness that is my creative process works, apparently.

Until then, however, I will be promoting Alys (because that job is never done) and working on getting the print version out. I am talking to a few artists about including some concept art in the back of the hard-copy. If this is something you would possibly be interested in contributing to, let me know. All chosen artists will have their full information advertised in the book, all credit given etc etc. Just would be a little bonus for those who decided to get the hard copy rather than the digital download. And on the subject of the digital download, if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the kindle app for free here:

Also, I'll be running a promo this week to celebrate Alys' release which will include a few days where you can download the book for free! Because I love you and I know sometimes it's hard when you're strapped for cash to justify even the little unnecessary expenses.

After the promo run is OVER, I will be formatting it for other e-readers such as nooks as well as getting everything organized for the print version which will, with any luck, be releasing in late September.

Saturday was a blur of talking to folks about both Blake's book and mine--by the end of it I had a really solid pitch for her book and was feeling mighty proud of myself.

We hung out with the Rev. Dave Johnson and got to sport some Devil Pig Studio swag on his behalf and take pictures with some of his epic artwork.

Sachie and I posing with the lovely Jessie Wionzek
And I got to attend my first Geek & Sundry meetup! I've never actually been to a meetup where I was one of the folks people were meeting... so I was admittedly not entirely sure what to do (I had my camera so I got vlog footage--it seemed appropriate).

I met some amazing people, including, of course, the adorable Sachie and kickass Paul Mason. Meeting both of them was really heartwarming and kind of made it really sink in that "Holy crap, I'm part of the Geek & Sundry family now".

I will probably continue to have this realization for the next few months. It's a little bewildering. And by bewildering I mean awesome. But also bewildering. Awewildering?

Sure, it's a word. Ship it. It's a thing now.

This week a zillion things are happening all at once so things may be a bit scattered til both PAX Prime (Yep, I'll be wandering around there!) and the audiobook calms down but know that I'm always thinking of you guys.

Be sure to check out Alys if you can, it would certainly mean a lot to me.


  1. Congrats on getting Alys out into the world!

  2. Ahh it's me! :D It was wonderful meeting you, Kiri! I hope you can come back and visit Toronto again sometime! ^^

    1. I had such a fantastic time! Thank you for helping make it a great experience!

  3. Already picked it up, and tweeted accordingly to others who might be heading to Amazon UK as well.
    At some point I will even find time to actually 'read' it. #crazytalk