Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Thought Thursday!

It's that time of the week again, that day where we focus on the happy, warm, fuzzy good stuff because sometimes life is hard and we need a little external help to make it through the day with a smile on our face.

So this morning I stumbled across this article:

10 Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years

And while it is extremely useful, it somehow got me thinking about this:

5 Friends You Should Have In Your Life At All Times

The Cheerleader: This person is so damn proud of you--regardless what you do. You got up this morning and they're genuinely excited about it. You casually mention you have a job interview and they are rooting for you every step of the way. Honestly, for the longest time this was my mom--not to say she isn't still this uber supportive of me, but since then I've found friends who aren't genetically bound to me in some way who are on the board of Team Kiri.

The Older Sibling: This can sometimes even BE your sibling but I'm not here to make assumptions about your family life. This is the friend who you go to for advice because you know they'll give an honest, grounded answer. They may be a bit older or maybe they just have that sense of experience about them. They're there to help and have your best interest in mind and their advice and/or hugs always seem to have a great home-brewed feeling of "Everything will be okay."

The Cynic: I say this with caution because I don't mean you should keep a downer in your group of friends but you definitely need someone you can vent your frustrations to who won't judge or belittle you for them. This person isn't there to help fix your problems because you aren't ready to fix them yet--you need to have that knee-jerk "THIS SUCKS" emotional response and they are there to be like, "Darn right it does!" This is the friend you can say some of your less than shining things to and they don't blink an eye. They let you say something petty without thinking you're petty because sometimes we all need to say those terrible thoughts that cross our mind if just to get rid of them. This is a hard friendship to cultivate sometimes and I honestly advise being your cynic's friend mutual cynic to keep it from being a one-sided relationship. You vent together about the world so you can vent out the emotional response and approach the problem with a logical mind. One of the most valued traits of this friend is they are the most likely to call you on your own BS--or the BS of others that you're trying to excuse because deep down you really are a nice person.

The Party Animal: This is the friend who helps you forget your stress. Whether you go out to party, play video games together or shop--it doesn't matter. This is the person who you without fail can call up and unwind. They may not be the person you can every have a serious conversation with but that's not the point of this relationship. If you can have those kinds of conversations, awesome. But when you have a friend you just hang out with to have fun you find you tend to put all those worries on the back burner for a bit. We all need to be able to let go of our every day stresses so we don't go a little crazy and this is the friend who can help with that.

The Confidant: Pretty straight forward--you can tell this person absolutely anything and they don't judge you. Your hopes, your fears--that thing you did last summer... They're the person you call when you need to hide a body (hopefully not literally). This person knows how to listen. This, like the cynic, is also the kind of relationship that works best when it's mutual. It helps build a deep trust that will likely bond you for a while with that person, even if you drift apart. You're each other's secret keepers.

Now mind you, in this group of friends there is PLENTY of room for overlap. Also you may have a few friends who fit into all of these categories--these are the best friends--these are the friends you'll probably have around the rest of your life in some way or another. However, regardless how many people you have filling these shoes, I've found that these roles are essential to cast in your life.

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