Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Thoughts: Family

This is late. It's also very short. But I feel sincerity needs no long explanation. It can just be.

I have been very fortunate in life when it comes to loved ones.

I've already talked about how grateful I am to have my family--but I wanted to talk about a different kind of family today.

I have had at least 5 second mothers in my lifetime and quite a few self-adopted siblings. Only one alternate dad though. But he's extra awesome so it evens out.

And while this is a short Happy Thought today, I wanted to just linger on being grateful for the families we make ourselves. (Well... on some level you always make your own family, but you know what I'm talking about--the kind of making that doesn't require you to have babies) The people we have in our life because we chose to not because we feel some moral obligation that we have to.

Love is thicker than blood.

Tell me about your self-constructed families--the communities you've closely knit yourself into.

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  1. I have a self made family thanks to LeakyCon. About 30 of us met in a chatroom about a week before the con in 2012 and got really close and now I couldn't imagine myself without them. But even within that group I have an even closer family. There's the mother figure who I stay with when I go visit my actual mother in Florida. And the father figure who also lives in Florida and joins us for Disney and Universal. I've got the older sister figure who helps me through boy drama and life drama, and while she doesn't actually replace the older sister I lost, she does fill a bit of the void and helps with the life lessons my actually sister couldn't give me. I've got the brother figure who is gay and loves all of the crappy teen based tv that I enjoy. I've even got the younger sister figure who comes to me when she needs to talk and actually came out as bi to me after only knowing me for about a week... They've all helped me through the year of my actual family falling apart and with the way things are going now, I know that when I finally have to get away from my actual family, they will be here to support me.