Thursday, August 8, 2013


Today's happy thought is about embracing change.

The norm for me has been moving every year--which is admittedly a little exhausting but as a result, I've seen and experienced a lot of different sides of Seattle.

One of my favorite parts of moving is always going through the stuff--deciding what comes with me. It's a slow and arduous process but the sentimentality makes it worth it. Stumbling across pictures, weird knicknacks you picked up over the year. And while those knicknacks may not make the cut in coming with you, there's a joy in finding them and revisiting the memory.

And on the other hand when you find something that has a sour memory, it's also cathartic to get rid of it. Now I don't recommend moving every year if you can avoid it (I'm not even sure how I wandered into this tradition) but there is something wonderful about the nomad nature of it.

You end up somewhere entirely new. Some place you get to make your own again.

The downside of course being that you never really feel like you're home in a location. But that's okay. Seattle itself has sort of become my home.

At least for now.

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