Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Well... this is awkward.

So... Sometimes we make mistakes. Like... big ones.

But thankfully sometimes even the big mistakes are ones we can fix REALLY easily.

A friend who'd just finished reading Alys was talking to me about it and mentioned something about the end that made me pause and ask to see their copy.

They handed me their kindle and I was able to verify what I was really hoping not to see--I had published something other than the final draft. ...This is what happens when you're up very late doing your formatting. You format the wrong file.

On the bright side, it's a file that's not much different from the final one other than a few changes to one of the last chapters. AND this was a mistake that I caught before anything went to print. Still, I feel like an idiot.

But... aren't we all?

So what does this mean for you if you have a copy already?

Simple. You own the license to that copy--it's attached to your Amazon account regardless if you purchased it or if you downloaded it for free.

So once the new file is approved (I will let you know once I get the email) all you have to do is delete and re-download.

Edit: Apparently Amazon also has a "Auto-Update" feature that you can turn on (it's automatically off) and from there the book will automatically update when the author updates the edition. Your Account > Manage Devices > Automatic Book Update

I cannot tell you how absolutely embarrassed I am about this, but I feel being open and honest with you about my blunder is the best thing for everyone. Keep an eye on this blog and my twitter, I'll let everyone know the moment it's up. Again, I'm so sorry. I cannot believe I made this mistake.


  1. Kiri, you're awesome, laugh it off and your fans will do the same. :)

    It's just a silly little mistake!

  2. It happens. I had a duplicate chapter in one of my books for several months before someone pointed it out to me. In the big picture, finding out less than a week after going live should make you feel MUCH better. ;)

  3. Downside of being a mortal :P
    Still, I can empathize. I imagine you feel roughly the way I did earlier this summer...I was in the process of finalizing (and writing)the analysis of about a third of my dissertation, when I realized I had made an error in the data processing - way back near the beginning. (So yeah - your mistake is really a formatting issue. At least you don't have to rewrite a third of Alys....)

  4. Wait. Hold on a second...
    Does this mean that you're... (*shudder*) human like the rest of us?
    I can live with that.

  5. It's not a blunder, it's a PAX Special Edition.

  6. Does that mean I will still like the ending??? You know how I am about endings!