Thursday, October 3, 2013

Art and Alys

So! Yesterday I talked about getting back in the groove of things. Normally today would be Happy Though Thursday--well, I suppose it is... But that whole concept has sort of shifted in how I present it on this blog.

Not that it's a permanent shift. If you want to submit a Happy Thought, I encourage you to!

Okay! So...

My happy thought this past month has been seeing how well Alys has been received thus far. Yes, there have been bumps and headaches in the release process but seeing you guys enjoy it has really just made all of it worth it. Plus, great learning experience, right?

People have been joking about some of those mistakes now being "Collector's Items" and I thought... "Huh, you know, that's an interesting idea."

So what I would like to do is compile just that. I'm still figuring out the details of what would go into it exactly but thus far it would include author notes, annotations about Easter eggs/references back to the original story etc etc.  One of my favorite books (that I have to this day and is full of notes for Alys, actually) is "The Annotated Alice". This would, in a way, be very similar to that.

Admittedly, I'm not sure if anyone would be terribly interested in the weird research that went into this book... but putting this together sounded like a lot of fun so I figured I'd try and see where it takes us from there.

Oh and there will be art.

Art by Caitlin Wheeler
Which brings me to my main point. I'm opening up this book for art submissions.

What this means is between now to 11:59 on December 31st, I will be taking art submissions to intersperse throughout the book. Some of my own character sketches will also be provided in this book.

While obviously I will not keep it strict down to the minute, I have to stick to this deadline, I would like to have it released and available on Amazon before the end of January in honor of my brother.

Keep in mind not all artwork may make it into the book, but I will feature it here.

All artists will be given full credit, including information on where to find their work and a bio about them.

This book is obviously not meant for first-time reads as it will be full of annotations and artwork that may spoil later events.

This book will ONLY be available in print format.

All artists will be featured/interviewed here.

I'm looking into what it will take to print this properly--including seeing if my current printer/distributor can accommodate.

If you're interested in submitting artwork (painting, digital work, photography, costume design, you name it!), here is what you need to know:

All images MUST be at least 300dpi (The bigger the better, we can always downsize to fit if need be)

The subject of your art can be anything Terra Mirum related. If you want to draw a particular character, a scene, a place (Arden, The Office of Oblivion), or even just objects (Cooleridge Clock, Vorpal blade)--totally open to you!

No Pronz guys. Nudity is fine, but keep it tasteful. Not sure how you'd use nudity... unless you wanna like... I dunno... draw Rosalind in The Birth of Venus or something.

You may submit as many items as you want.

Submit your basic internet contact info along with any websites/portfolios you'd want to promote along with a short bio. I'll be contacting you with interview questions at a later date.

And of course, submit to here: Kiri[at]

If your medium of art does not accommodate image format and you still want to be a part of this in some way, feel free to email me with a pitch of your idea.

Have an awesome Thursday!


  1. Oh how I wish I knew how to art.

  2. I can't wait to see some of the art that will come out of this. I'm not an artist myself, but love the idea of seeing someone else's interpretation of the beautiful world I have in my head. I don't always like everything I see, but I appreciate it as that artists take on the writing.