Thursday, October 31, 2013

Extra Life Schedule & Game Menu

Looking for the Livestream?

Schedule: (This is apt to change according to whim)

Note, there will be 5 minute interrupts of the broadcast at approx. every two hours to make it easier to break up the footage for upload later.

8am: Day of the Tentacle
10am: Sam and Max Hit The Road
12:00pm: 15 minute break (We will be briefly offline during this time)
12:15pm: Arkham Origins (Probably some singing during this)
2:15pm: Foul Play Demo (If there is a game you want me to try on XBL, suggest it during livestream!)
2:30pm: Alice: Madness Returns
4:30pm: Dynasty Warriors 8
5:30pm: Bioshock: Infinite

PC Games:
7th Guest *
Arkham City
Day of the Tentacle *
Dead Space
Dead Space 2
Dear Esther
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age 2
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis *
Longest Journey
Maniac Mansion
Resident Evil 5
Sam & Max Hit The Road *

Xbox Games:
Alice: Madness Returns *
Arkham Asylum
Arkham Origins *
Bioshock Infinite
Borderlands 2
Brutal Legend
Halo 3
Halo: Reach
Halo 4 (Spartan Ops)
Dynasty Warriors 8 *
Silent Hill: Downpour
Fable 2
Fable 3
Foul Play *
Tomb Raider
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Dead Rising 2
Dead Space 3
L.A. Noir
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Metal gear Solid
Soul Caliber 4

Dante's Inferno
God of War
Heavenly word
Katamari Forever
Little Big Planet
The Last of Us
Uncharted 2


  1. omg those are great games i got batman origins but i havent played it yet because i been too busy playing assassins creed 4 so quite happy that your going to play origins as well as asylum & arkham city :D

  2. I purposefully haven't cracked it open yet--just for Extra Life. =D

  3. Dark Souls is always good for a rage inducing fun time if you know anyone with a copy of it or maybe Beyond : Two Souls on ps3 because David Cage is insane :D
    Will you be doing co-op on any games? Just wondering because games like Borderlands tend to be way more fun with 2 or more than they are playing on your own.

    1. I may make my friend M, who is also being known as "bringer of food and caffeine" play a few rounds with me. May also be gaming with another vlogger at one point.

  4. well the reason why i havent cracked it open is because i was waiting for my brand new tv to arrived thinking batman needs to be played on a big screen & also it sucks that i live in Australia i wouldnt know what time to actually watch your live stream & im surprised there isnt AC4

    1. I actually could never get into AC. I was very, "YAY Italian Renaissance... wait... what's this modern... ah crap."

    2. Also we're going 24hrs... so you could probably tune in any time. But I'm in Seattle, Washington (Pacific Time), so you can use this:

  5. 7TH GUEST IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!! It's a shame 11th Hour sucked so horribly.

  6. I would love to see you play Catherine, its an amazing puzzle game with a killer soundtrack, Dreamfall seems like the logical step to take since your playing Longest Journey,and Bioshock Infinite because the story is fantastic.

  7. & also tomb raider is just a amazing game