Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Live-Stream Thoughts

First and foremost....

Guess who successfully recorded it?

Thoughts for next Tuesday:

  • I had a lot of fun, though I admit I felt myself getting worried that I was fare more interested in all the story tidbits than the people in chat so I skipped some of the pure background story stuff... I'm going to totally say 'screw it, I love this story' next time and delve as much as I please.
  • Music on the game needs to be turned all the way down--it's not really level and interferes with any commentary/is a wee bit cacophonous.
  • When responding verbally to the chatroom, I need to repeat what I'm being asked as I remembered like halfway through that people watching later on Youtube won't know what I'm answering.
  • Attempt to get a better recorded resolution to upload to the Youtubes. (I think I know how to do this, I have to check but I believe I just had Twitch upload the broadcast when I think I can have my locally archived recording uploaded. In theory, this should be slightly better quality.
  • The sleepiness after a hard day of work is somewhat detrimental to puzzle-solving. Though this may be hilarious to watch, I'm not sure yet.
What are your thoughts? Were you at the livestream? If not and you think you want to watch over an hour of me playing a game on Youtube (Link above), let me know where we can find some improvement in this process--or let me know what you liked about it.

This whole let's play and livestream business is totally new to me. =)

Also, don't forget, new Kiriosity today at 3pm--but first at 9, tune in for the amazing Jeff Lewis, only on the Geek and Sundry Vlogs channel.


  1. Streaming requires a nice balance of volume, interactivity, and paying attention to what game you're playing. I (personally) try to interact with the chat as much as possible. It sometimes makes me lose focus on the game I'm playing. Time management is key while streaming. If you're using tools like X-split (free) or OBS (also free) you can output in higher resolutions. If you can wrangle one, get a 2nd monitor. That way you can have your game/chat on one screen and you can see your output on the other.

    Twitch also saves your streams and lets you go back and edit. So that's another good way to save replays. If you are uploading to YouTube you might want to consider adding a title screen. The nice thing about a YouTube vid is you can edit the video to show highlights then inform them if they want to watch the whole thing to head over to your stream channel!

    That's about all I got for now. Would love to sit and talk more with you about it.

  2. About the only though I had regarding the short time I had to watch you was that the game volume was way louder than your volume. It was hard to hear you speak. You seem to be totally on top of that however :)

    Ultimately the failure in watching your stream for me was that I was very distracted. Hopefully next week I can focus a bit :)

  3. Mike gave some great advice on time management and programs to use.
    I agree with what Scott said about the volume, that was so incredibly off putting some times, even after you fixed the music on the game still was hard to have the volume right to hear everything well.

    What I did love is seeing you play though, it was funny to see someone else playing the same way I play, clicking every question and listening to every back story possible, I am just nerdy like that. But that being said, maybe the game intro was not the best for a LIVE stream. Maybe you should have recorded the main part of the intro and edit it to a shorter with highlighting the better "voice actors" and some of the puns you seemed to love (your humor and your personality makes your videos so much better than most).

    But I actually cannot wait and hope for your next live stream of this game to come soon. I know there is a lot of this game that is actually talking and back story, but you are already getting through the longest journey of the longest journey (HA made myself laugh). I am sure it will be great, even better than the first.

  4. The 1st of anything can sometimes be the hardest; 1st step, 1st attempt, 1st draft and so on, and so on.

    I wonder if there's a way to record the chat window along with the game play? I'd imagine that might require quite and up-tick in the resolution if including the chat is even possible. There could be pros and cons to that. Not having to repeat, for example, but then you might also be allowing trolls to record their brain-diarrhea in the show.


    I would imagine the playability of a game for a show where others are watching will also affect your choices in the future too.

    Keep it up.