Friday, October 11, 2013


No, really. I think I've been working late all week. So ready for the weekend. So much to do, so much to prep for.

This weekend, if you didn't read yesterday's post, we'll be celebrating breaking 1,000 subscribers, (details in Thursday's post). If you can't make it, please leave a question if you have one, the full video will be posted on Youtube later that day. Note: This may include live song requests... but we'll see how brave I'm feeling.

Also, if you're heading to GeekGirlCon NEXT weekend I will be participating in two panels and running a booth where I will be selling and signing hard copies of Alys.

There is also rumor that I will have Geek & Sundry Kiriosity buttons... but to earn them you'll have to display the results of some of your own curioisities about geekdom. Do you know some awesome trivia about Buffy or Star Wars? Do you have knowledge of the martial arts that inspired the different kinds of bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender? Share some of YOUR geeky knowledge. I may have my camera. =D Assuming my mic is behaving anyway.

The Lara Project posts will be starting up again next week. The plague kinda put me out of commission for a while--couldn't go five minutes without a wretched cough so thank goodness that is over. Going to take some extra pre-cautions at GGC.

Not much else to say, got a lot to do this weekend--got a lot of filming.

Oh! If you are a fan of Blake Northcott and were on the tier of her Arena Mode Kickstarter that got the audiobook, you may recognize the voice actor... *eyebrow wiggle*

I'll let folks know when that's all set up on audible or wherever it will be for purchase.

Cheers! Have an awesome weekend!

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