Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Longest Journey

Gotta ease back into this whole one and five vlogs a week thing.

...seriously, how did I get all of that done?

Oh. Right. Not sleeping. Gotcha.

So keeping it fairly simple today since I have an abundance of things to catch up on at work.

But hey, see you tonight for the Longest Journey Livestream?

If you miss it--as I said before, I will be trying to record it.

But I have to admit the key word here is try. Because... I'm still new to this. So if I totally fail in that, I hope you forgive me.

Just remember, tonight, 8pm Pacific Standard Time. I will be keeping an eye on the livestream chat as best I can so I should be able to answer some questions--but I have to admit I get pretty into this game.

It's kind of my favorite of all time.

I first played it back in 2001 and then the sequel when it came out in 2006, and then donated way more money than I probably should have to the kickstarter for number 3 which will be out in 2014 in November.

This year they're holding Journey Con in Oslo, Norway for the first time this year. http://redthreadgames.com/journeycon/

I definitely do not have the funds to hop a plane to Norway, especially not for a con that's on the 23rd, no matter how much my poor little dreamer heart wishes. Next year though. Saving up. Totally going.

I hold 3 people responsible for why I'm so passionate about storytelling. William Shakespeare, Joss Whedon and Ragnar Tournquist.

Now if you're not familiar with the series, that last one possibly threw you a bit. Ragnar Tournquist, apart from having the coolest name ever, is also the writer behind the Longest Journey series. A series that sparked my imagination and a story that moved me in a way that I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life.

He followed me for like a day on twitter forever ago. It was awesome. Especially since he didn't know me other than some chick on twitter who was gushing over her love for the games.

I may have done the fangirl dance in the privacy of my home... then I tweeted calmly as if I was totally a professional.

To this day, April Ryan remains one of my favorite characters. She's multidimensional. She's sarcastic, she has vulnerabilities, you watch her overcome fear, act on impulse, use her wits and charm... I just love her. I wanted to make someone as believable as her.

Honestly there is a lot of April in Alys--or at least there is a lot of what April meant to me in Alys.

It's funny because I know what this game means to me will probably never be what it means to you... but I still want to share it.

Mind you it's been over a year since I last played this game, so we'll be kind of walking down memory lane as I try to remember how to get through all the puzzles. And of course, you get to help me out this play through. =)

Look forward to seeing you,



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  1. I will try to wake up for this, but business has taken me to Europe, so I am really hoping the recording goes well just in case :) Either way rock it!