Thursday, December 5, 2013

Geeks Know Hunger is Not A Game

Yesterday, if you didn't catch it, my Geek & Sundry video went live as it always does every other Wednesday.

This week I talked about The Hunger Games (no spoilers, I promise) in honor of Catching Fire hitting the theaters.

I used this to bring up some difficult issues that the US is facing--well, that every country is facing but especially the US. Poverty rates, how little we take care of our poor--things that you've probably heard before if you know where to listen.

Yes, where, not how. And I say that because I'm certainly not the only person talking about it, and I'm certainly not talking about it better than anyone else, but most of the talk tends to get drowned out or pushed under the rug.

We talk a lot about "First World Problems" as a way to dismiss certain issues. What we fail to address when we do this is that living in a first world country does not mean that world is infallible.

The response to this, or at least the general response was rather heartwarming.

People starting up discussions, people engaging in the issues, and sharing how they volunteer and one of my favorites, this organization was brought to my attention:

It's an amazing charity organization that seemed to form in opposition of other campaigns that were promoting the Capitol Lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of bright colors--I mean with my hair, I probably would have fit in fairly well--and there's nothing wrong with that or my fashion... but when Covergirl glorified this fashion and lifestyle with a makeup line "in honor" of Catching Fire... it rather missed the damn point. Unless, I suppose, proceeds of that line were then donated to charity?

...but I kinda doubt that. Ah well. Let's focus on the good stuff, yeah?

It's things like "I volunteer as tribute" that make me so confused at people who accuse geek culture of being too involved in itself. That we're glued to our technology and unaware of what's going around us. Our world may be reminiscent of Huxley's Brave New World in some rights, but I think we're going to be okay in the end.

We're aware and we're damn intelligent as a group. The world isn't going to be fixed overnight but I really do believe we're not going to blow ourselves up.

Thanks for being a great albeit unlikely source of hope for me, internet. You make me proud and at the same time somehow humbled to be a part of this community.

Long live the geek.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mrph... Needs Moar Sleep

Good morning, it's bright, it's early...

...Why am I awake?

Right. Work and stuff.


First things first, I am now caught up to today for my Daily December vlogs:

If you are interested in a particular subject that you'd like to hear me talk about in one of these bad boys, leave a comment below. Also if you'd like to help me create a thumbnail for these videos, I gladly accept drawings where I appear in chibi form. I feel it captures me best. =P

Right, onto the more important things of the day.

The Bully's Bully: Book 1

"A young girl who feels absolute empathy with those being bullied, chooses to do something about it."

This Kickstarter was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and it looks absolutely fantastic. Young heroine standing up to bullies in a comic that looks both whimsical and touching. And it's completely wordless. I highly reccommend you give it a look and if you can, toss a little funding their way. I'm really excited to see what these folks will

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Daily December Vlogs/Vlogmas

These folks are freaking inspiring, I highly recommend you check them out. A vlog EVERY DAY for the whole month? Bam. Step back, internet, we've got some badasses here.

50 Shades of Fandom

Jens Reineking


So inspiring, in fact, that even though I'm 3 days late, I'm going to join them. Recently I acquired a new phone--the iphone 5S to be exact, which films in 1080p, I'm told, which is pretty much what I film with normally. Now these will be far less polished than my typical Wit & Whimsys because I won't be doing any cuts or edits, but I'm going to attempt this.

Mainly because due to crazy I didn't do NaNoWriMo this year (I did do work on book 2 of Terra Mirum though) and I want to do everything I can to support these folks. And solidarity is one of my favorite kinds of support. 

Now since I am behind, I'm going to have to make up for that... and I think I'm going to likely fill up those first two with closet tunes/car tunes because I totally owe you guys one. And my voice is feeling better.

Are you also doing Daily December vlogs? Let me know! Post below, tweet me a link, I'll be sure to add you to the list. And maybe a blurb about who you are and what you're about. If you see yourself listed and you'd like to add a blurb, let me know too. =D It's not too late to start if you haven't yet!

If you want to help me do Daily December vlogs (I will need it), leave a comment of topics you'd be interested in hearing about or questions you'd be curious to have answered etc.

Kiri Un-Cut! This is going to be a rambly mess.

Aaaand back to work!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Living the Stream

It's Monday, and we're all recovering from the craziness of the holiday. Or, if you're like me, you're holding tight to a cup of chai and debating if you really have the energy to be social and making grunting noises like "Mrph" instead of "Hello".

I digress.

So if for some reason you haven't heard me squawk about this before, I'm throwing this out.

Since before Extra Life 2013 this year, I've taken to running a livestream on my channel Kiriosity.

Right now it's a double feature of The Longest Journey (my favorite point-and-click series) and Bioshock Infinite.

The original point was to get the hang of livestreaming prior to Extra Life so we'd have at least a bit of a hang of the whole process and thus could better ramp up our charity drive for the kids.

But then I realized I was having a lot of fun--and other people seemed to as well. Go figure, huh?

So it became a weekly ritual (first on Tuesdays, then Thursdays--though this week is so chalk full of things I have to do, I'm aiming for probably Friday evening--or alas, we may need to postpone til next week). It became a way to make content for you awesome folks and also catch up on the pile of games that have been calling to me for ages.

So today, since I'm feeling a bit lazy, AND I want to showcase the awesome sketch M did for the Let's Play Thumbnails, I'm just going to leave these here.

I'm going to go snag more chai. I'll see you lovelies tomorrow.

[Edit: Thanks to Jessie who pointed out I'd written "chair". This caffeine is clearly defective.]