Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mrph... Needs Moar Sleep

Good morning, it's bright, it's early...

...Why am I awake?

Right. Work and stuff.


First things first, I am now caught up to today for my Daily December vlogs:

If you are interested in a particular subject that you'd like to hear me talk about in one of these bad boys, leave a comment below. Also if you'd like to help me create a thumbnail for these videos, I gladly accept drawings where I appear in chibi form. I feel it captures me best. =P

Right, onto the more important things of the day.

The Bully's Bully: Book 1

"A young girl who feels absolute empathy with those being bullied, chooses to do something about it."

This Kickstarter was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and it looks absolutely fantastic. Young heroine standing up to bullies in a comic that looks both whimsical and touching. And it's completely wordless. I highly reccommend you give it a look and if you can, toss a little funding their way. I'm really excited to see what these folks will


  1. As another semi-daily vlogger who records in the car, I'll give you the one piece of constructive criticism that really improved my hits and responses.. keep your vids no longer than 3.5 or 4 mins tops. So half the length of your current ones.. people usually can stick around for the whole thing if it's shorter. :)

  2. Topics for vlogs...hmm...well, since you mentioned your early Little Mermaid obsession, maybe talk about the films and or TV that helped shape you as a person (if any did). Y'know, if any inspired certain morals you have or sort helped inspire the person you are today?

  3. top 10 (or what ever number) of geeky gear you cant live without.

  4. How about these?
    Topic 1: Utopia and Dystopia
    What about: The obvious dystopia Nineteen Eighty-Four resembles the “classic of genre” Utopia by Sir Thomas More (also The City of the Sun by Campanella, Manifesto of the Equals by Babeuf, you name it) in terms of governmental control of the population.
    Question: If there is any detailed depiction of “perfect society” which does not involve overwhelming level of control.

    Topic 2: Turtle Island
    What about: In some cultures, there is an image of world as something floating in the ocean. This naïve belief resembles current view of the Earth’s composition (with the crust as “something” and the mantle as “the ocean”).
    Question: ?Pretending? ancients had advanced knowledge (Stonehenge as an observatory), it also may be seen as a snippet of knowledge, passed through countless generations. Also a bit disturbing: less than 50 km of tectonic plates drifting in the thousands km- deep high-temperature mantle.

    Topic 3: Don Quixote
    What about: Don Quixote is a romantic figure. Is he? He injured and killed people, damaged their property, etc. with no gain to society (I mean, Robin Hood was a bandit, but he gave some money to poor people, which is some kind of excuse).
    Question: Is there are any other popular characters whose general image is different from what the conclusion could be made basing on their actions.

    Good luck wiht your Daily December endeavor!