Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A reflection on Daily Decembers

Wow... so... December happened, am I right?

You may know (I hope, anyway) that I participated in Daily December, making a vlog both big and small on varying topics. It was an interesting albeit exhausting exercise. It definitely helped me with filming other things.

If you vlog and you've never done dailies, I highly encourage it. It definitely made me more concise and assisted in finding the end thought so trimming was easier. Not less rambling per say, just more directed.

Honestly if it wasn't for Daily Decembers, I may have been far too intimidated to ever launch this:

The road ahead will be interesting and by no far an easy trek, but I'm less terrified than I was. The bad things, I feel, will eventually suss themselves out--with a little ingenuity of course. I've never been one to let fate do whatever it will with me, anyway.

I'll be keeping you as updated as I can with where I'm going/what I'm doing. I just launched my Patreon today and we've already unlocked releasing an Extended Play... So I'll be talking to more of my musician friends who've already done that about what I need to know about hosting and any equipment I may not already have.

World is a crazy place. The past week alone has felt kinda like a whirlwind of change. Change for the better, I hope.


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