Saturday, February 22, 2014

Star Wars The Musical: Han & Chewie

Wookies are better than people
Chew, don't you think that's true?

(Affirmative Wookie sound)

But people smell better than Wookies
Chew, don't you think I'm right?

(Grumpy Wookie sound)

I'm kidding! Let's call it a night

(Sleepy Wookie sound)

Don't let the Mynocks bite

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Star Wars: The Musical

So I'm staying with a friend and his five-year-old daughter who absolutely LOVES Frozen and has been listening to it any time we're in the car. So needless to say it's been stuck in my head.

And then I had the extremely good fortune of going to an underground movie showing of The Empire Strikes Back and ever since I first knew I was going to it I've had it also stuck in my head.

And I had a lot of redbull so on the ride home, this ended up popping out:

Do You Wanna Be A Jedi?

Do you wanna be a jedi?
C’mon, let’s go and train!
If you trust the force, you see
We’ll save the galaxy.
My work won’t be in vain!
Your father was a jedi
And now he’s not
I wish I could tell you why
Do you wanna be a jedi?
You kinda need to be a jedi

Family needs me, Ben

Okay, bye

Do you wanna be a jedi?
And play with sabers made of light
Your aunt and uncle killed by Vader’s Men
It’s time to trust old Ben
We have to join the fight!
(Hang in there, Luke)
We’ll go on great adventures
And we’ll use the force
To guide us against the dark!
(Light saber crash sounds, Obi-Wan is slain by Vader)

No, you can’t be gone now
Oh, can’t you see I need you here
You always said that I should trust the force
And though I do of course
I still feel fear
My training’s not complete yet
Vader’s closing in
What am I supposed to do?

Yes, I wanna be a jedi…

So um... that happened. Likely more will come from this. Feel free to record your own version of this but please give Disney credit for the tuneage and me credit for the lyrics. 

Bard, out!