About Me

Hello, Internet!

I'm Kiri, a tea-swilling, show-tunes singing, color-loving, knowledge-eating geek always looking to add skills to her character sheet.

Too much?

Let me start over. I'm a bard--the Shakespearean kind, that is--I write, I sing, I design, I direct--that list goes on and on.

Life should be about passion and while I throw myself into every artistic endeavor I undertake, the same goes for every interest I pick up. I strongly feel that the more you expand your scope with the world around you, the more your art is informed--the more you're able to talk about or express.

So when I tell you I'm passionate about life, I'm not saying that to cop out of a real description of what you'll find here, I'm trying to throw a broad enough net so you realize that you may stumble across a hodgepodge of things.

Life doesn't have one direction, it's multi-faceted. So naturally, so am I. And I'd like to celebrate every one of those facets as they come and go.

So what you're going to find here is that journey. I guess that makes this a lifestyle blog. And my lifestyle is passion.

It's about improving your day to day with what you love, finding what's healthy living (for you and me because they won't be the same) and just having fun.

What you will find here is everything from opinions on current events and issues, event feedback, product reviews, venues worth checking out, travel, food, recipes, games, you name it!

If you would like to contact me about interviews, product reviews, or events you can email me at Kiri[at]kiricallaghan.com.